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Andrews, Dana (People Who Should Have Received An Oscar)
Bell, Tom
Brakhage, Stan - Creative Filmmaker
Brian, Mary
Brooke, Hillary
Clarkson, Lana - Hollywood Blonde
Jean Cocteau at the Centre Pompidou, Paris
Colbert, Claudette
Cook, Elisha
Crawford, Joan, National Film Theater Retrospective, London, April 2001
Crenna, Richard
Cronyn, Hume
Dee, Sandra
De Havilland, Olivia
Doran, Ann
Fairchild, June
Gielgud, John
Gish, Lillian
Greer, Jane
Hiller, Wendy
Kelly, Gene
Gorshin, Frank
Guiness, Alec
Harrison, George
Harrison, Joan
Hunter, Kim
Kieslowski, Krzysztof
Kerr, John
Lemmon, Jack
Lindfors, Viveca
Loggia, Robert
London, Julie
Lupino, Ida
Mantee, Paul
Marion, Frances
Martin, Dean
Morley, Karen
Sheree North
O'Day, Anita
Peters, Jean (People Who Should Have Received An Oscar)
Price,Vincent Tribute
Ralston, Vera
Diana Rigg
Roland, Gilbert
Rogers, Ginger
Roman, Ruth
Seberg, Jean
Shaw, Janet
Sjöman, Vilgot (Swedish Director: 1924-2006)
Sothern, Ann
Spillane, Mickey
Stack, Robert
Stephens, Robert
Tandy, Jessica
Thulin, Ingrid
Marie Trintingnant
Trevor, Claire
Turner, Lana
Walley, Deborah Tribute
Welles, Orson
Wickes, Mary
Widmark, Richard (People Who Should Have Received An Oscar)
Wilder, Billy

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