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Special Report By Monica Sullivan

You never know what to expect at Ray and Sharon Courts’ Hollywood Collectors Show, which is why it was such a pleasant surprise to see Marc Singer there recently. Marc Singer’s biggest fans are undoubtedly the science fiction buffs who watched every frame of “V” & the three “Beastmaster” films, but Singer’s long career reveals skill and versatility in every film genre. One of his earliest projects, at age 26, was 1974’s “Things In Their Season,” co—starring Oscar winner Patricia Neal. “Go Tell The Spartans” with Burt Lancaster and the controversial “Sgt. Matlovich vs. the Air Force” (co—starring Brad Dourif) followed in 1978 & Singer also appeared in 1979’s “Roots: The Next Generation.”

The first Marc Singer movie I ever saw aired on Halloween night, 1979. Based on David Williams’ novel, “Second Sight,” “The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan” co—starred Lindsay Wagner in the title role of a contemporary woman and Singer as David Reynolds, a turn—of—the—century artist with whom she falls in love. The film, which successfully blended time travel and romance, pre-dated the 1980 cult favorite “Somewhere In Time” and has considerable appeal for the same fan base. (And, as a bonus, “Jennie Logan” also features 1930’s stars Henry Wilcoxon & Gloria Stuart!) 1981’s “For Ladies Only” (with Gregory Harrison) was about male strippers who’d really rather be actors. In his next film, 1982’s “If You Could See What I Hear,” Singer had the demanding job of playing real—life musician Tom Sullivan as he copes with his own blindness and other people’s reactions to it. The Canadian indie was nominated for a Genie Award and led to meatier roles for Singer.

As Dar the Beastmaster, Singer got to work with three directors and three sets of international casts, including, the likes of Tanya Roberts, Rip Torn, Sarah Douglas, John Amos, Wings Hauser, David Warner, Lesley—Anne Down, Tony Todd and Casper Van Dien. The spectacular “V”, a staple of the Science Fiction Channel, was a well—made saga of aliens and earthlings with complex agendas and conflicting loyalties and Marc Singer and Faye Grant were excellent as Mike Donovan and Dr. Julie Parrish, two fearless warriors for a free Earth. “V” was a watershed assignment for Singer, whose career continues unabated in the 21st century.

© 2000 - Monica Sullivan - Air Date: 2/16/00

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