Special Report: Marie Trintingnant

By Moira Sullivan
Movie Magazine International
The talented French actress Marie Trintingnant was born January 21, 1962 in Paris and died after being in a coma for six days on August 1 this month, 41 years old. After a violent argument and beating by boyfriend Bertrand Cantat, political activist and vocalist and of Noir Désir, she received a skull fracture as the result of a blow to her head. Cantat is currently under arrest in Lithuania where Marie was in the midst of filming a TV movie about the French vocalist Colette. She lived with Cantat while married to husband François Cluzet and was the mother of four children.

Marie Trintingnant originally wanted to be a veterinarian. The early death of her nine-year-old sister left her speechless for a period and witnessing the domestic violence of her parents anguished her. But eventually she succumbed to the acting field.

As early as the age of four, Marie acted opposite her father, the famous French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant in Mon Amour, Mon Amour (1967) a film written and directed by her mother, the feminist activist Nadine Trintignant. In an interview Marie claimed,
"This profession is hard! The more I do it and the more I like it but there are so many things to learn before becoming very good. The theatre also helped me. One immediately feels progress, whereas with the cinema one notices the assets afterwards. The theatre fulfills, whereas the cinema is empty. For me, it is perfect, to alternate both. "

Trintingnant played some memorable roles as tragic women--'the women no one spoke for', she once remarked.
In 1988, Claude Chabrol offered her the lead role of a prostitute in Une Affaire de Femmes (The Story Of Women, 1988). Also with Charbrol she starred in Betty 1992, as a businesswoman who is a love torn alcoholic. She followed this impressive acting role with three films for Pierre Salvadori including Comme elle respire (White Lies, 1998) where she played a compulsive liar). In Yvon Marciano's drama Le Cri de la soie (Cry of Silk 1996), she played an illiterate seamstress arrested for stealing silk.

Unfortunately, Marie Trintignant's life was as tragic as some of the roles she played. It ended abruptly and tragically after a violent beating with a dangerously drunk rock musician. She was buried at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris on August 6.

For Movie Magazine, this is Moira Sullivan, Stockholm Sweden.
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