Book Review: Motor Movies: The Posters

By Monica Sullivan
Movie Magazine International
The best movie books make us want to rush to see every film they describe. In that respect, “Motor Movies: The Posters!” is a winner for both film buffs and automaniacs alike. The 1957 British Classic “Hell Drivers” is shown on the cover, even though some of its interesting young stars (Sean Connery, David McCallum, Jill Ireland and Gordon Jackson) weren’t well enough known to make the poster. Look inside and you’ll see tantalizing lobby cards for movies you’ve never heard of, (1914’s “Lights of London” starring Arthur Chesney) cult favorites, (1936’s “Sabotage” by Alfred Hitchcock, complete with exploding bus) and masterpieces you’ve seen dozens of times: 1953’s “Genevieve” with Kay Kendall and Kenneth More. There are even posters like “Homicidal” in which cars look like the centerpiece of the film, out flashing the stars, but if you see the movie you may realize why Glen Corbett and Patricia Breslin needed some help from the publicity department.

The author, Paul Veysey, is obsessed with his subject and his infectious enthusiasm never varies through the hundreds of colourful pages of this Veloce publication. Need a hook to see Julie Christie in 1962’s “The Fast Lady?” Check her out lounging on a bright red Morris Mini Cooper on page 85. James Bond is well represented as well as flashy international titles, horror flicks, film noir and slapstick comedies. It may make you wonder: did all those gorgeous hunks of machinery steal their movies away from the merely human co-stars? Check out how “Motor Movies: The Posters!” provides convincing evidence in favour of our four wheeled obsessions.
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