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Special Report By Moira Sullivan

The Stockholm International Film Festival is considered one of the top 10 film festivals in the world. In the darkest time of the year in Sweden when the sun sets early in the afternoon, the festival lights up the public. This is my third and final report on the Stockholm film festival.

Notable to the event this year was the I- festival, an Internet festival of ten films where viewers could vote for best film. A short warm animation called Cloud Cover by Swedish director Lisbeth Svarling won Best I-festival film in a competition watched by around 500,000 viewers on the Internet around the world during the 10 days of the festival. Svarling called the festival 'democratic' and a good way of getting work out.

Other digital film festivals on the web are cropping up, providing short film production with an accessible outlet.

Formally, short films were a way to lead up to feature film production. Now they have come into their own and the Stockholm International Film Festival is one of the first festivals to create a section exclusively for web broadcasting of shorts. Plans are to continue the I festival event all year long.

[Here is Git Sheynius, director of Stockholm International Film Festival and Suzanne Hugoson, coordinator of the I-festival who tell about this year's pageant of films. (clip of Sheynius and Hugoson)

You can currently view the I-festival at . Next year the Stockholm International Film Festival will be held November 8-- 18, 2001.

This is Moira Sullivan for Movie Magazine International, Stockholm SWEDEN

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