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Alphabetical List of Movie Reviews

The list below includes all of the reviews we published through June 2009. For everything since then, please visit our blog.

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54 by Blue Velvet
187 by Andrea Chase
300 by Purple
2046 by Joan Widdifield
10 Rillington Place by Monica Sullivan
10 Things I Hate About You by Monica Sullivan
101 Dalmatians (1996) by Monica Sullivan
11'09''01 - September 11 by Moira Sullivan
11'09''01 - September 11 by Moira Sullivan
13 Going On 30 (2004) by Natalie Johnson
1984 (1956) by Monica Sullivan
200 Cigarettes by Monica Sullivan
3,000 Miles to Graceland by Casey McCabe
3:10 to Yuma (2007) by Casey McCabe
301, 302 by Alex Lau
40 Days and 40 Nights by Erik Petersen
42 Up by Monica Sullivan
49 Up by Monica Sullivan
51 Birch Street by Joan Widdifield
51st State, The by Purple
8 Mile by Erik Petersen
A Map of the World by Casey McCabe
Aaron's Magic Village by Andrea Chase
About a Boy by Casey McCabe
About Schmidt by Casey McCabe
Absolute Beginners by Monica Sullivan
Absolute Wilson by Joan Widdifield
Across the Universe by Moira Sullivan
Addicted to Love by Monica Sullivan
Affliction (1997) by Monica Sullivan
Afterglow by Andrea Chase
Air Bud by Monica Sullivan
Air De Famille, Un by Erik Petersen
Air Force One by Alex Lau
Air Guitar Nation by Casey McCabe
Alfie by Monica Sullivan
Ali by Erik Petersen
Alice (1986) by Monica Sullivan
All Over Me by Andrea Chase
Almost Famous by Casey McCabe
Amazon Women On The Moon by Monica Sullivan
American Astronaut, The by Casey McCabe
American Graffiti by Casey McCabe
American Pie by Monica Sullivan
American Pimp by Casey McCabe
American Psycho by Monica Sullivan
American Splendor by Casey McCabe
American Virgin by Casey McCabe
Amistad by Andrea Chase
Amore, L' (1948) by Monica Sullivan
Anastasia (1997) by Andrea Chase
Angel Baby (1995) by Mary Weems
Angel-A by Moira Sullivan
Angela's Ashes by Casey McCabe
Angels and Insects by Michael Fox
Angus by John Lavin
Anna (1987) by Monica Sullivan
Annapolis by Heather Clisby
Anthem by Andrea Chase
Anywhere But Here by Casey McCabe
Apartment Zero by Monica Sullivan
Apostle, The by Andrea Chase
Apt Pupil by Heather Clisby
Arabian Knight by John Lavin
Armageddon (1998) by Alex Lau
Artemisia by Andrea Chase
Artworks by Monica Sullivan
As Good as it Gets by Blue Velvet
Assassins by John Lavin
At Close Range by Joan Widdifield
Auggie Rose by Monica Sullivan
Aventurera by Monica Sullivan
Away From Her by Moira Sullivan
B.A.P.S. by Andrea Chase
Babel by Moira Sullivan
Baby-Sitters Club, The by Monica Sullivan
Bamako by Moira Sullivan
Band à Part by Moira Sullivan
Barbarella by Moira Sullivan
Bastards by Heather Clisby
Batman and Robin by Monica Sullivan
Batman Begins by Purple
Battaglia di Algeri, La by Moira Sullivan
Battle Of The Sexes, The by Monica Sullivan
Be Kind Rewind by Purple
Beach, The (2000) by Casey McCabe
Beautiful Boxer by Joan Widdifield
Beautiful Country, The by Joan Widdifield
Beautiful Thing by Mary Weems
Bedazzled (1967) by Monica Sullivan
Bedazzled (2000) by Monica Sullivan
Being John Malkovich by Casey McCabe
Belle de Jour by Moira Sullivan
Belle et la bête, La by Monica Sullivan
Belle et la bte, La (1946) by Monica Sullivan
Bellissima (1951) by Monica Sullivan
Bent by Andrea Chase
Beowulf by Purple
Best In Show by Monica Sullivan
Best of Youth by Joan Widdifield
Bewitched by Heather Clisby
Big Bad Love by Casey McCabe
Big Daddy (1999) by Heather Clisby
Big Fish by Purple
Big Green, The by Alex Lau
Big Hit, The by Blue Velvet
Big Tease, The by Heather Clisby
Biggie and Tupac by Casey McCabe
Billy Liar (1963) by Monica Sullivan
Bin-jip by Moira Sullivan
Bio-Dome by John Lavin
Bionic Ever After? by Mike Marano
Birth by Moira Sullivan
Bitter Harvest (1963) by Monica Sullivan
Bitter Sugar by Mary Weems
Black Dahlia (2006) by Monica Sullivan
Black Narcissus (1947) by Monica Sullivan
Black Rider, The by Heather Clisby
Black Sheep (1996) by Alex Lau
Blazing Saddles by Monica Sullivan
Bleierne Zeit, Die by Moira Sullivan
Blind Faith by Erik Petersen
Blood and Wine by Mary Weems
Blood Simple by Casey McCabe
Blowup by Monica Sullivan
Blue Velvet by Monica Sullivan
Bobby by Moira Sullivan
Body Shots by Casey McCabe
Bombhunters by Joan Widdifield
Boogie Nights by Heather Clisby
Borrowers, The (1997) by Andrea Chase
Boston Strangler, The by Monica Sullivan
Bound by Mary Weems
Bourne Identity, The by Erik Petersen
Bowfinger by Erik Petersen
Box of Moonlight, A by Monica Sullivan
Box, The (2003/I) by Monica Sullivan
Boy Called Hate, A by Mary Weems
Boys Don't Cry (1) by Monica Sullivan
Boy's Don't Cry (2) by Moira Sullivan
Boys in the Band, The by Erik Petersen
Boys of Baraka by Joan Widdifield
Boys of St. Vincent by Monica Sullivan
Brain That Wouldn't Die, The by Monica Sullivan
Brandon Teena Story by Moira Sullivan
Brassed Off by Andrea Chase
Breakfast With Hunter by Casey McCabe
Breaking the Waves by Mary Weems
Breaking the Waves by Moira Sullivan
Bride and Prejudice by Natalie Johnson
Brideshead Revisited by Moira Sullivan
Brokeback Mountain by Moira Sullivan
Brokedown Palace by Heather Clisby
Broken Arrow (1996) by John Lavin
Broken English by Moira Sullivan
Buddy by Blue Velvet
Bulldog Drummond (1929) by Monica Sullivan
Burden Of Dreams by John Lavin
Bury Me Dead (1947) by Monica Sullivan
But I'm a Cheerleader by Moira Sullivan
Butcher Boy, The by Larry Carlin
Butterfly Kiss by Monica Sullivan
Callas Forever by Joan Widdifield
Candidate, The by Heather Clisby
Cape of Good Hope by Joan Widdifield
Capturing The Friedmans by Casey McCabe
Caravaggio by Moira Sullivan
Career Girls by Andrea Chase
Carrington by Monica Sullivan
Casanova by Moira Sullivan
Casino by John Lavin
Castaway (1987) by Monica Sullivan
Cats Don't Dance by Andrea Chase
Cat's Meow, The by Casey McCabe
Catwoman by Heather Clisby
Caveman's Valentine, The by Heather Clisby
Cecil B. DeMented by Monica Sullivan
Celtic Pride by Alex Lau
Century by Monica Sullivan
Ceremonie, La by Mary Weems
Champion (1949) by Monica Sullivan
Changing Lanes by Erik Petersen
Chappaqua by Casey McCabe
Charlie's Angels (2000) by Monica Sullivan
Che, Part One and Part Two by Moira Sullivan
Cherish by Casey McCabe
Chinese Box by Andrea Chase
Chocolate War, The by Monica Sullivan
Ciderhouse Rules, The by Erik Petersen
Citizen Ruth by Mary Weems
City by the Sea by Heather Clisby
City Hall by John Lavin
City of God by Erik Petersen
City of Industry by Monica Sullivan
Civil Action, A by Heather Clisby
Classe tous risques by Monica Sullivan
Clay Pigeons by Monica Sullivan
Clean, Shaven by Mike Marano
Cleopatra's Second Husband by Heather Clisby
Clockwatchers by Monica Sullivan
Cockettes, The by Purple
Cold Comfort Farm by Monica Sullivan
Cold Creek Manor by Casey McCabe
Coldblooded by Monica Sullivan
Collateral by Purple
Comedian (2002) by Casey McCabe
Comfort of Strangers, The by Monica Sullivan
Committed (2000) by Casey McCabe
Con Air by Alex Lau
Conqueror Worm, The by Mike Marano
Conspiracy Theory by Pete Dunn
Constantine by Purple
Contact (1997) by Andrea Chase
Contender, The by Erik Petersen
Control by Purple
Control Room (2004) by Joan Widdifield
Cop by Mike Marano
Copycat by Monica Sullivan
Coraline by Purple
Core, The by Casey McCabe
Corporation, The by Casey McCabe
Corpse Bride by Purple
Courage Under Fire by Monica Sullivan
Coyote Ugly by Erik Petersen
Cremaster 3 by Moira Sullivan
Crime of Dr. Crespi, The by Monica Sullivan
Criminal Law by Monica Sullivan
Crossover by Erik Petersen
Curious George by Purple
CyberWorld by Casey McCabe
D.O.A. (1950) by Monica Sullivan
Da Vinci Code, The by Moira Sullivan
Daddy and Papa by Joan Widdifield
Dancer in the Dark by Heather Clisby
Dancer Upstairs, The by Moira Sullivan
Dancing at Lughansa by Blue Velvet
Dangerous Minds by Monica Sullivan
Dare mo shiranai by Joan Widdifield
Daredevil by Purple
Dark City (1998) by Heather Clisby
Dead End (1937) by Monica Sullivan
Dead Man by Purple
Death to Smoochy by Heather Clisby
Deconstructing Harry by Andrea Chase
Deep End, The (2001) by Casey McCabe
Deep Rising by Alex Lau
Delta, The by Andrea Chase
Designated Mourner, The by Andrea Chase
Desperado by John Lavin
Destiny Turns on the Radio by Monica Sullivan
Desu nôto by Moira Sullivan
Desu nôto: The last name by Moira Sullivan
Detour (1945) by Monica Sullivan
Detroit Rock City by Heather Clisby
Devil in a Blue Dress by John Lavin
Devil's Knight by Monica Sullivan
Dick by Monica Sullivan
Die Another Day by Purple
Dinosaur by Purple
Dirty Pretty Things by Casey McCabe
Diva by Joan Widdifield
Divided We Fall by Heather Clisby
Dogma (1999) by Casey McCabe
Dogtown and Z-Boys by Erik Petersen
Dogville by Moira Sullivan
Dolores Claiborne by Monica Sullivan
Donnie Brasco by Alex Lau
Donny Darko by Moira Sullivan
Don't Be a Menace by Alex Lau
Don't Look Back (1967) by Andrea Chase
Don't Look Back (1967) by Joan Widdifield
Dot the I by Joan Widdifield
Double Jeapordy by Heather Clisby
Double Team by Alex Lau
Down by Law by Heather Clisby
Down From The Mountain by Heather Clisby
Down to Earth by Heather Clisby
Down to You by Monica Sullivan
Down with Love by Purple
Drawing Restraint 9 by Moira Sullivan
Dream Girls by Moira Sullivan
Dream with the Fishes by Andrea Chase
Drive Me Crazy (1999) by Monica Sullivan
Driven (1996) by Monica Sullivan
Drowning Mona by Heather Clisby
Drunks by Heather Clisby
Dunston Checks In by Alex Lau
Dut yeung nin wa by Moira Sullivan
Eating Raoul by Monica Sullivan
Eclipse by Monica Sullivan
Edge, The (1997/I) by Andrea Chase
Ed's Next Move by Mary Weems
Eight Men Out by Monica Sullivan
Election by Casey McCabe
Elektra by Purple
Elephant by Moira Sullivan
Elizabeth by Blue Velvet
Ella Enchanted (2004) by Natalie Johnson
Embedded by Moira Sullivan
Emma (1996) by Mary Weems
Emmanuel's Gift by Joan Widdifield
End of Days by Alex Lau
End of the Affair, The by Heather Clisby
English Patient, The by Mary Weems
Entertainer, The (1960) by Monica Sullivan
Entre les murs by Moira Sullivan
Erin Brockovich by Blue Velvet
Ethan Mao by Joan Widdifield
Evening Star, The by Mary Weems
Event Horizon by Pete Dunn
Everest by Heather Clisby
Everlasting Piece, An by Casey McCabe
Eve's Bayou by Heather Clisby
Evita by Monica Sullivan
Extreme Measures by Monica Sullivan
Eyes Wide Shut by Heather Clisby
F**k by Casey McCabe
Face In The Crowd, A by Casey McCabe
Face/Off by Andrea Chase
Fahrenheit 9/11 by Casey McCabe
FairyTale: A True Story by Monica Sullivan
Family Thing, A by John Lavin
Famous by Casey McCabe
Fanfan la Tulipe by Monica Sullivan
Fantastic Four by Purple
Far From Heaven by Moira Sullivan
Fargo (1996) by Michael Fox
Fat Albert by Purple
Fate Is the Hunter by Monica Sullivan
Father's Day by Andrea Chase
Favela Rising by Joan Widdifield
Fearless by Monica Sullivan
Field of Dreams by Alex Lau
Fierce Creatures by Monica Sullivan
Fifth Element, The by Alex Lau
Filth and the Fury, The by Casey McCabe
Final Destination by Monica Sullivan
Finding Buck McHenry by Monica Sullivan
Finding Neverland by Natalie Johnson
Fire (1996) by Andrea Chase
Firelight (1997) by Heather Clisby
Firestorm (1998) by Blue Velvet
Flightplan by Moira Sullivan
Flipper (1996) by Monica Sullivan
Flirt by Andrea Chase
Flirting With Disaster by Michael Fox
Fog of War, The by Casey McCabe
Follow Me Home by Andrea Chase
Following by Casey McCabe
Following Sean by Joan Widdifield
Forbidden Zone by Purple
Forbidden Zone by Purple
Freddy Got Fingered by Erik Petersen
Freeway (1996) by Monica Sullivan
Frida by Purple
Frighteners, The by Monica Sullivan
Full Frontal by Casey McCabe
Full Monty, The by Andrea Chase
Funeral, The by Mary Weems
Future of Food, The by Joan Widdifield
G.I. Jane (1997) by Andrea Chase
Galaxy Quest by Monica Sullivan
Game, The by Heather Clisby
Gedo senki by Moira Sullivan
General, The (1998) by Larry Carlin
Georgia (1995) by Monica Sullivan
Gerry by Casey McCabe
Get Shorty by John Lavin
Ghost in the Shell by John Lavin
Ghost Rider by Purple
Ghost World by Monica Sullivan
Ghosts of Mississippi by Andrea Chase
Gigantic by Dawn Bailey
Girl in White, The by Monica Sullivan
Girl Next Door, The by Heather Clisby
Girl, Interrupted by Heather Clisby
Godzilla (1998) by Heather Clisby
Going All the Way by Andrea Chase
Gold Diggers by Monica Sullivan
GoldenEye by John Lavin
Gone In 60 Seconds by Heather Clisby
Gong fu by Purple
Gonin by Alex Lau
Good Burger by Heather Clisby
Good Will Hunting by Andrea Chase
Goodbye Lenin by Moira Sullivan
Goodnight, We Love You by Heather Clisby
Gossip (2000) by Monica Sullivan
Grace of My Heart by Monica Sullivan
Graduate, The by Mary Weems
Graduate, The by Monica Sullivan
Great Flamarion, The by Monica Sullivan
Green Mile, The by Heather Clisby
Grey Gardens by Andrea Chase
Gridlock'd by Blue Velvet
Groove by Casey McCabe
Gross Pointe Blank by Alex Lau
Gumball Rally, The by Monica Sullivan
Gummo by Blue Velvet
Gun Crazy by Monica Sullivan
Haiku Tunnel by Casey McCabe
Half-Nelson by Erik Petersen
Halls Of Anger by Monica Sullivan
Hamlet (1996) by Andrea Chase
Hancock by Purple
Happiness (1998) by Monica Sullivan
Happy, Texas by Erik Petersen
Hard Day's Night, A by Monica Sullivan
Hard Eight by Andrea Chase
Hard Rain by Heather Clisby
Hardware (1990) by Mike Marano
Harmonists, The by Erik Petersen
Harriet the Spy by Monica Sullivan
Haunting, The (1999) by Monica Sullivan
Hav Plenty by Andrea Chase
Hear My Song by Monica Sullivan
Hearts and Minds (1974) by Joan Widdifield
Heat (1995) by John Lavin
Heathers by Monica Sullivan
Heavenly Creatures by Monica Sullivan
Heavy Petting by Monica Sullivan
Heist (2001) by Casey McCabe
Hellraiser: Bloodline by John Lavin
Her Alibi (1989) by Monica Sullivan
Hercules (1997) by Andrea Chase
Hidalgo (2004) by Natalie Johnson
High Art by Andrea Chase
High Fidelity by Erik Petersen
High School High by Alex Lau
Higher Learning by Monica Sullivan
His Majesty King Hussein by Heather Clisby
Historias mínimas by Joan Widdifield
Hitch by Natalie Johnson
Holiday, The by Moira Sullivan
Hollywood Homicide by Erik Petersen
Hollywoodland by Monica Sullivan
Holy Man by Blue Velvet
Homage by Monica Sullivan
Home For The Holidays by Monica Sullivan
Hoodwinked by Casey McCabe
Horse Whisperer, The by Andrea Chase
Hot Millions (1968) by Monica Sullivan
Hotel de Love by Andrea Chase
Hotel Rwanda by Joan Widdifield
Hours, The by Moira Sullivan
House of Yes, The by Andrea Chase
Hulk, The by Purple
Human Nature by Casey McCabe
Hunted, The by John Lavin
Hush (1998) by Blue Velvet
I Cant Talk Straight by Moira Sullivan
I Shot Andy Warhol by Mary Weems
I Spy by Heather Clisby
I Think I Love My Wife by Casey McCabe
Ideal Husband, An (1999) by Casey McCabe
Identity (2003) by Casey McCabe
I'm Dancing Inside by Natalie Johnson
I'm Not Rappaport by Mary Weems
I'm Not There by Moira Sullivan
Impact (1949) by Monica Sullivan
In America by Larry Carlin
In Good Company by Casey McCabe
In the Bedroom by Moira Sullivan
Incident, The (1967) by Monica Sullivan
Inconscientes by Joan Widdifield
Independence Day (1996) by Monica Sullivan
Independent Intervention by Joan Widdifield
Independent, The by Heather Clisby
Inferno by Moira Sullivan
Infinity by Alex Lau
Inland Empire by Purple
Innocent, The by John Lavin
Innocents, The (1961) by Monica Sullivan
Insider, The by Erik Petersen
Insider, The (1999/I) by Monica Sullivan
Instinct by Erik Petersen
Interview with the Vampire by Monica Sullivan
Invader Zim by Purple
Inventing the Abbotts by Andrea Chase
Invincible by Moira Sullivan
Irma Vep by Andrea Chase
Iron Giant, The by Andrea Chase
Irreversible by Moira Sullivan
Island of Roses, The by Andrea Chase
It Takes Two by John Lavin
Italian Job, The by Erik Petersen
Jade by Monica Sullivan
Jane Eyre (1995) by Monica Sullivan
Jane White Is Sick & Twisted by Monica Sullivan
Jason X by Erik Petersen
Joe The King by Monica Sullivan
John Q by Casey McCabe
Jumanji by John Lavin
Kama Sutra, The by Mary Weems
Kansas City by Monica Sullivan
Kaspar Hauser by Michael Fox
Kate & Leopold by Casey McCabe
Keeper, The (1995) by Andrea Chase
Keeping The Faith by Casey McCabe
Kerd ma lui by Moira Sullivan
Kicked in the Head by Heather Clisby
Kid, The (2000) by Monica Sullivan
King Kong by Purple
King of the Corner by Joan Widdifield
King, The by Joan Widdifield
Kiss Me, Guido by Heather Clisby
Kiss of Death (1995) by Monica Sullivan
Kissing Jessica Stein by Casey McCabe
Klunkerz by Heather Clisby
Kolya by Mary Weems
Krays, The by Monica Sullivan
Krippendorf's Tribe by Andrea Chase
Kull the Conqueror by Andrea Chase
Kundun by Heather Clisby
Kurt Cobain About A Son by Monica Sullivan
Lake Placid by Monica Sullivan
Lamerica by Michael Fox
Land Girls, The by Andrea Chase
Lantana by Heather Clisby
Last Days of Disco, The by Heather Clisby
Laurel Canyon by Casey McCabe
Let Him Have It by Monica Sullivan
Lethal Weapon 4 by Alex Lau
Let's Get Lost by Monica Sullivan
Letter To True, A by Joan Widdifield
Life of Reilly, The by Joan Widdifield
Lightning in a Bottle by Joan Widdifield
Lilies by Andrea Chase
Lilo & Stitch by Purple
Lilya 4-ever by Moira Sullivan
Lion King, The by Purple
Lisbon Story (1994) by Andrea Chase
Little Mermaid, The (1989) by Monica Sullivan
Little Miss Sunshine by Joan Widdifield
Little Nicky by Casey McCabe
Little Princess, The (1939) by Monica Sullivan
Little Sister by Heather Clisby
Little Voice by Heather Clisby
Little Women (1994) by Monica Sullivan
Lone Star (1996) by Monica Sullivan
Looking for Alibrandi by Joan Widdifield
Loss Of Nameless Things, The by Monica Sullivan
Lost and Delirious by Moira Sullivan
Lost in La Mancha by Moira Sullivan
Lost In Space by Heather Clisby
Love & Basketball by Casey McCabe
Love Always by Andrea Chase
Love and a .45 by Monica Sullivan
Love Jones by Mary Weems
Love Serenade by Blue Velvet
Love Song for Bobby Long, A by Moira Sullivan
Love Walked In by Heather Clisby
LovecraCked! The Movie by Monica Sullivan
Lovely & Amazing by Erik Petersen
Lucky Numbers by Heather Clisby
Lured (1947) by Monica Sullivan
Luzhin Defense, The by Moira Sullivan
M by Andrea Chase
Ma Vie En Rose by Andrea Chase
Madagascar by Purple
Madame Sata by Moira Sullivan
Magdelene Sisters, The by Moira Sullivan
Make It Funky by Joan Widdifield
Mala educación, La by Joan Widdifield
Mallrats by Monica Sullivan
Man Hunt (1941) by Mike Marano
Man on the Moon by Heather Clisby
Manchurian Candidate, The by Heather Clisby
Manderlay by Moira Sullivan
Manny & Lo by Mary Weems
Margaret's Museum by Andrea Chase
Maria Full of Grace by Joan Widdifield
Marie Antoinette by Moira Sullivan
Mars Attacks! by Monica Sullivan
Marty (1955) by Monica Sullivan
Marvin's Room by Mary Weems
Masked and Anonymous by Heather Clisby
Matchstick Men by Casey McCabe
Matrix, The by Alex Lau
Maverick's by Heather Clisby
McLibel by Joan Widdifield
Me & Isaac Newton by Casey McCabe
Me Without You by Monica Sullivan
Medium Cool by Monica Sullivan
Melies The Magician by Monica Sullivan
Memento (2000) by Monica Sullivan
Men In Black by Pete Dunn
Men With Guns by Andrea Chase
Merchant of Venice, The by Moira Sullivan
Message in a Bottle by Heather Clisby
Mighty Heart, A by Joan Widdifield
Mighty Wind, A by Casey McCabe
Milk by Moira Sullivan
Mimic by Andrea Chase
Mind Benders, The by Monica Sullivan
Minus Man, The by Monica Sullivan
Mission To Mars by Monica Sullivan
Modern Times (1936) by Heather Clisby
Moll Flanders by Monica Sullivan
Mondo by Heather Clisby
Money Talks by Blue Velvet
Mongolian Tale, A by Blue Velvet
Monsoon Wedding by Moira Sullivan
Monster's Ball by Erik Petersen
Monsters, Inc. by Dan Heller
Monument Avenue by Larry Carlin
Moolaadé by Joan Widdifield
Moon Over Broadway by Andrea Chase
Moonlight Mile by Erik Petersen
Mortal Kombat by John Lavin
Morvern Callar by Moira Sullivan
Mosley by Monica Sullivan
Most Wanted by Andrea Chase
Mother (1996/II) by Monica Sullivan
Mother, The (2003/I) by Joan Widdifield
Moulin Rouge (1952) by Monica Sullivan
Mouse Hunt by Andrea Chase
Mr. Bean by Heather Clisby
Mr. Bell by Monica Sullivan
Mrs. Dalloway by Andrea Chase
Mulholland Drive by Moira Sullivan
Mulholland Falls by Michael Fox
Muppet Treasure Island by Monica Sullivan
Muppets From Space by Casey McCabe
Murder at 1600 by Alex Lau
Muse, The by Casey McCabe
Music From the Inside Out by Joan Widdifield
My Favorite Martian by Heather Clisby
My Fellow Americans by Monica Sullivan
My Life So Far by Moira Sullivan
Mystery of the Last Tsar by Andrea Chase
Mystery, Alaska by Heather Clisby
Mystic River by Purple
Nacho Libre by Purple
Nadja by Monica Sullivan
Naked by Moira Sullivan
Naked in Ashes by Joan Widdifield
Napoleon Dynamite by Casey McCabe
Narc by Erik Petersen
National Treasure by Casey McCabe
Ned Kelly (2003) by Casey McCabe
Negotiator, The by Heather Clisby
Neon Bible, The by Mary Weems
Never Been Thawed by Casey McCabe
New York Minute (2004) by Natalie Johnson
Newton Boys, The by Andrea Chase
Niagra, Niagra by Heather Clisby
Nico - Icon by Monica Sullivan
Night of the Lepus by Mike Marano
Night Tide by Monica Sullivan
Nine Months by Monica Sullivan
Ninth Gate, The by Moira Sullivan
No Looking Back by Andrea Chase
No Man's Land (1987) by Monica Sullivan
No Way Out (1987) by Monica Sullivan
Nothing To Lose (1997) by Heather Clisby
Notte, La by Moira Sullivan
Nowhere (1997) by Andrea Chase
Nurse Betty by Erik Petersen
O by Erik Petersen
Ôdishon (Audition) by Moira Sullivan
Of Love and Shadows by Mary Weems
Off the Black by Joan Widdifield
Office Space (1999) by Monica Sullivan
Oh in Ohio, The by Joan Widdifield
Oliver and Company by Mike Marano
On Native Soil by Joan Widdifield
One Fine Day by Andrea Chase
One Night Stand (1997) by Andrea Chase
One, The by Erik Petersen
Open Season by Monica Sullivan
Opposite of Sex, The by Andrea Chase
Orange County by Erik Petersen
Osmosis Jones by Casey McCabe
Other Sister, The by Heather Clisby
Out Cold by Erik Petersen
Out to Sea by Pete Dunn
Outside Providence by Casey McCabe
Overture, The by Joan Widdifield
Oxygen by Heather Clisby
Paid In Full by Erik Petersen
Palindromes by Moira Sullivan
Palmetto by Heather Clisby
Palookaville by Mary Weems
Panic (2000) by Monica Sullivan
Paradise Now by Joan Widdifield
Pay It Forward by Casey McCabe
Peacemaker, The (1997) by Andrea Chase
Pearl Harbor by Heather Clisby
Pebble and the Penguin, The by Monica Sullivan
Peeping Tom by Erik Petersen
Peeping Tom (1960) by Monica Sullivan
Perfect Storm, The by Casey McCabe
Petit Soldat, Le by Moira Sullivan
Phobia (1990) by Monica Sullivan
Pi by Andrea Chase
Picnic (1955) by Monica Sullivan
Pink Floyd - The Wall by John Lavin
Pink String And Sealing Wax by Monica Sullivan
Playing by Heart by Heather Clisby
Plunkett & MaCleane by Casey McCabe
Pocahontas by Monica Sullivan
Point of No Return (1993) by Monica Sullivan
Pollock by Casey McCabe
Ponette by Pete Dunn
Postman, The by Andrea Chase
Prefontaine by Andrea Chase
Priest by Monica Sullivan
Primer by Casey McCabe
Private by Joan Widdifield
Private Parts by Andrea Chase
Proprietor, The by Mary Weems
Puffy Chair, The by Casey McCabe
Pumpkin by Casey McCabe
Punch Drunk Love by Erik Petersen
Pursuit of Happiness (2001) by Monica Sullivan
Pushing Tin by Heather Clisby
Queen Christina by Moira Sullivan
Queen, The by Heather Clisby
Race the Sun by Alex Lau
Rage: Carrie 2, The by Heather Clisby
Raise Your Voice by Natalie Johnson
Raising Helen by Natalie Johnson
Ran by Casey McCabe
Rapa Nui by Mike Marano
Rat Race (2001) by Monica Sullivan
Ravenous by Erik Petersen
Ray by Purple
Raye Makhfi (Secret Ballot) by Moira Sullivan
Real Blonde, The by Monica Sullivan
Rear Window by Purple
Rebels With a Cause by Casey McCabe
Reckless (1995) by Monica Sullivan
Reckless Moment, The by Monica Sullivan
Red Dragon by Erik Petersen
Reds by Moira Sullivan
Reign of Fire by Purple
Remember the Titans by Erik Petersen
Resident Evil by Purple
Restless Spirits by Monica Sullivan
Return From The Ashes by Monica Sullivan
Return to Glennascaul by Mike Marano
Return to Paradise (1998) by Heather Clisby
Rhyme and Reason by Mary Weems
Richard III (1995) by Michael Fox
Risate di gioia by Monica Sullivan
Rita, Sue and Bob Too by Monica Sullivan
Rivers and Tides by Joan Widdifield
RIZE by Joan Widdifield
Road Trip (2000) by Casey McCabe
Road Warrior, The by John Lavin
Robots by Purple
Rock All Night by Monica Sullivan
Rock The Bells by Casey McCabe
Rock the Boat (2000) (TV) by Monica Sullivan
Rodger Dodger by Moira Sullivan
Romeo and Juliet (1996) by Monica Sullivan
Rookie, The by Erik Petersen
Roosevelt's America by Joan Widdifield
Rosewood by Andrea Chase
Runaway Bride by Monica Sullivan
Running With Scissors by Casey McCabe
Rushmore by Blue Velvet
S.L.C. Punk! by Blue Velvet
Sabotage (1936) by Monica Sullivan
Safety of Objects by Moira Sullivan
Saving Private Ryan by Heather Clisby
Saving Silverman by Casey McCabe
Scandal by Monica Sullivan
Scary Movie (2000) by Monica Sullivan
School of Rock by Casey McCabe
Scooby-Doo by Purple
Score, The by Heather Clisby
Scotland, PA by Casey McCabe
Scotland, Pa. by Heather Clisby
Screamers by Mike Marano
Secret Honor by Monica Sullivan
Secretary (2002) by Casey McCabe
Selena by Monica Sullivan
Seven Years in Tibet by Blue Velvet
Sgt. Bilko by John Lavin
Shack Out On 101 by Monica Sullivan
Shadow of the Vampire by Monica Sullivan
Shaft (2000) by Monica Sullivan
Shall We Kiss? by Dawn Bailey
Shallow Grave by Monica Sullivan
Shark Tale by Moira Sullivan
Shattered Glass by Casey McCabe
She's All That by Erik Petersen
She's So Lovely by Andrea Chase
Shi mian mai fu by Joan Widdifield
Shine by Mary Weems
Shiza by Joan Widdifield
Shooting Fish by Andrea Chase
Short Cuts (1993) by Monica Sullivan
Shubun by Monica Sullivan
Shut Up & Sing by Moira Sullivan
Sicko by Joan Widdifield
Sideways by Casey McCabe
Signs by Erik Petersen
Silent Players by Monica Sullivan
Simple Wish, A by Heather Clisby
Sin City by Purple
Sindrome di Stendhal, La by Moira Sullivan
Sir! No Sir! by Joan Widdifield
Sirens by Monica Sullivan
Six Days Seven Nights by Heather Clisby
Sixth Sense, The by Heather Clisby
Skulls, The by Monica Sullivan
Sky High by Purple
Sleepy Hollow by Heather Clisby
Sliding Doors by Andrea Chase
Sling Blade by Monica Sullivan
Slumdog Millionaire by Moira Sullivan
Slums of Beverly Hills by Heather Clisby
Small Soldiers by Heather Clisby
Snake Eyes (1998) by Heather Clisby
Snatch by Casey McCabe
Snow Day by Purple
Solaris (2002) by Casey McCabe
Soloist, The by Dawn Bailey
Some Body by Erik Petersen
Somewhere in Time by Monica Sullivan
Soul in the Hole by Andrea Chase
Soylent Green by Casey McCabe
Spamalot by Purple
Speed Racer by Purple
Spider by Moira Sullivan
Spider-Man 3 by Purple
Spillane, Mickey by Monica Sullivan
Splendor (1999) by Casey McCabe
Spy Kids by Monica Sullivan
Star Trek by Purple
Starsky & Hutch by Heather Clisby
State and Main by Casey McCabe
State of Fear by Joan Widdifield
Stealing Harvard by Erik Petersen
Still Crazy by Heather Clisby
Stir Of Echoes by Monica Sullivan
Stoned by Moira Sullivan
Straight Story, The by Blue Velvet
Stranger, The (1946) by Heather Clisby
Stranger's Hand, The by Monica Sullivan
Stuart Little by Monica Sullivan
Stuart Saves His Family by Monica Sullivan
Sudden Fear by Monica Sullivan
Suicide Kings by Heather Clisby
Summer of Sam by Heather Clisby
Summer of Sam by Erik Petersen
Summertime by Moira Sullivan
Sunday (1997) by Andrea Chase
Sunset Blvd. by Monica Sullivan
Super Troopers by Erik Petersen
Supercop by Alex Lau
Surviving Picasso by Mary Weems
Suspiria by Purple
Swept Away (2002) by Casey McCabe
Swept from the Sea by Andrea Chase
Swimming With Sharks by Monica Sullivan
Swing Kids by Monica Sullivan
Swingers by Mary Weems
Takhté siah (Blackboards) by Moira Sullivan
Tango Lesson, The by Andrea Chase
Taxi Driver by Michael Fox
Tea With Mussolini by Heather Clisby
Teaching Mrs. Tingle by Monica Sullivan
Teddy Bears' Picnic by Monica Sullivan
Teorema by Moira Sullivan
Terra by Purple
Thank You For Smoking by Casey McCabe
The Big Lebowski by Monica Sullivan
The Replacements by Casey McCabe
The Road to El Dorado by Casey McCabe
The Rosary Murders by Monica Sullivan
The Royal Tenenbaums by Casey McCabe
The Virgin Suicides by Moira Sullivan
The War Zone (1999) by Casey McCabe
Thirteen by Heather Clisby
This Is My Father by Larry Carlin
This Is Not A Love Song by Moira Sullivan
Thomas est amoureux by Casey McCabe
Three to Tango by Alex Lau
Thunderbirds by Purple
Ticks by Mike Marano
Tiger Bay (1959) by Monica Sullivan
'Til There Was You by Monica Sullivan
Till Human Voices Wake Us by Erik Petersen
Time Code by Casey McCabe
Time to Kill, A by Monica Sullivan
Timeline by Casey McCabe
Timothy Leary's Dead by Andrea Chase
Tin Cup by Larry Carlin
Titanic (1943) by Monica Sullivan
Titanic (1997) by Pete Dunn
Titus (1999) by Casey McCabe
TMNT by Purple
To Die For (1995) by Monica Sullivan
Tom and Huck by John Lavin
Tomorrow The World by Monica Sullivan
Too Late For Tears by Monica Sullivan
Torremolinos 73 by Joan Widdifield
Touch by Andrea Chase
Tough Guys Don't Dance by Monica Sullivan
Trainspotting by Monica Sullivan
Transformers by Purple
Travellers and Magicians by Joan Widdifield
Treasure Island (1999) by Monica Sullivan
Trees Lounge by Mary Weems
Trigger Effect, The by Mary Weems
Tromeo and Juliet by Blue Velvet
Troy (2004) by Natalie Johnson
Truman Show, The by Heather Clisby
Trumbo by Monica Sullivan
Turbulence (1997) by Andrea Chase
Turtles Can Fly by Joan Widdifield
TwentyFourSeven by Andrea Chase
Twilight (1998) by Heather Clisby
Twin Town by Blue Velvet
Twins of Evil by Mike Marano
Two if by Sea by Monica Sullivan
Two Living, One Dead (1961) by Monica Sullivan
U Turn (1997) by Pete Dunn
Ulee's Gold by Andrea Chase
Under Heaven by Andrea Chase
Under Siege by Mike Marano
Under the Domim Tree by Mary Weems
Unfaithful by Erik Petersen
Unhook the Stars by Mary Weems
Up For Grabs by Casey McCabe
Urban Legend (1998) by Monica Sullivan
Urban Legends: Final Cut by Monica Sullivan
V for Vendetta by Purple
Valentine (2001) by Monica Sullivan
Valkyrie by Moira Sullivan
Vals Im Bashir by Moira Sullivan
Van Helsing by Purple
Van, The (1996) by Andrea Chase
Varsity Blues by Erik Petersen
Vera Drake by Moira Sullivan
Very Edge, The by Monica Sullivan
Vieil homme et l'enfant, Le by Joan Widdifield
Village of the Damned (1960) by Monica Sullivan
Village, The (2004) by Natalie Johnson
Virtuosity by John Lavin
Voices in Wartime by Joan Widdifield
Volcano by Andrea Chase
Voleurs, Les by Mary Weems
W. by Casey McCabe
Wag the Dog by Andrea Chase
Waging A Living by Joan Widdifield
Wah-Wah by Erik Petersen
Waiting for Guffman by Andrea Chase
Waking Ned Devine by Heather Clisby
Walk In The Clouds, A by John Lavin
Walk the Line by Heather Clisby
War Dance by Joan Widdifield
War Tapes, The by Joan Widdifield
Washington Square by Andrea Chase
Watchmen by Purple
Watermelon Woman, The by Andrea Chase
We Own The Night by Casey McCabe
Weather Underground, The by Casey McCabe
Wedding Singer, The by Blue Velvet
Weekend by Moira Sullivan
Welcome to Sarajevo by Andrea Chase
We'll Meet Again by Monica Sullivan
Whales of August, The by Monica Sullivan
What Lies Beneath by Monica Sullivan
What Women Want by Heather Clisby
Whatever by Andrea Chase
Wheel of Time by Joan Widdifield
When We Were Kings by Casey McCabe
Whistle Blower, The by Monica Sullivan
Whistle Down the Wind by Monica Sullivan
White Chicks by Heather Clisby
White Oleander by Heather Clisby
Who Killed Teddy Bear? by Monica Sullivan
Whole Wide World, The by Andrea Chase
Why We Fight by Joan Widdifield
Wicker Man, The by Purple
Wide Awake by Andrea Chase
Widows' Peak by Monica Sullivan
Wild America by Andrea Chase
Wild Man Blues by Andrea Chase
Wild Things (1998) by Blue Velvet
Willard by Purple
Windtalkers by Erik Petersen
Winged Migration by Casey McCabe
Wings of the Dove, The by Andrea Chase
Winter Guest, The by Andrea Chase
Winter Passing by Erik Petersen
Winter Soldier by Joan Widdifield
Woman In Question, The by Monica Sullivan
Woman in the Dunes by Andrea Chase
Wonder Boys by Casey McCabe
Wonderland by Andrea Chase
Wonderwall: The Movie by Monica Sullivan
Wood, The by Erik Petersen
Word Is Out by Monica Sullivan
World Is Not Enough, The by Monica Sullivan
World of Henry Orient, The by Monica Sullivan
X2 by Purple
X-Files, The by Heather Clisby
Xiao cai feng by Joan Widdifield
X-Men (2000) by Paul Dougherty
XXX by Purple
Yards, The by Casey McCabe
Yellow Submarine by John Lavin
Yes by Joan Widdifield
Young Frankenstein by Monica Sullivan
You've Got Mail by Heather Clisby
Zero Effect by Andrea Chase
Zhou Yu's Train (2003) by Joan Widdifield
Zodiac by Monica Sullivan