Ginger Rogers

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April 8, 1998

I've often thought Ginger was not really appreciated proportionate to her real worth. When I watch her and Fred on those famous old films, I fully recognize Fred's talent; but, if one views him alone in one's mind's eye, he is never as effective as when with Ginger. I regret that as she grew older she did not land major roles in movies, whether by choice of by chance. Perhaps she simply did not care to act any more on the big screen, but I'm thinking we are the losers thereto. I remember
seeing her in major parades during her middle years and later, but I often thought she was made up to be artificially glamorous--and I believe that was a mistake.

No one in my experience (and I am 58) has affected me in dance quite the way she has--and I'm a man. That is to say, I appreciated Fred a great deal; he was no doubt a genius; but he was just Fred without Ginger. With her he was "magic."

-- T. Manning

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