National Schedule  

National Schedule

"Shoestring Radio Theatre" is downloaded nationally every week via Content Depot of the Public Radio Satellite Network (which reaches hundreds of public radio stations across the country). The program also is heard on Golden Hours Radio in the state of Oregon and the Companion Radio Network (transmitted to convalescent homes, veterans hospitals, and rehabilitation centers throughout the country). You can also listen to the show on-demand or at KUSF in Exile on Friday nights from 9:30 pm to 10 pm Pacific time.

National Schedule Satellit

May 4 & 11
Homage To Mad Love
A kindly Scotland Yard investigator tries to determine whether the death of a rich invalid in a quiet English village was the result of natural causes or a dastardly murder plot. The suspects: her straying husband, his mistress and the loyal housekeeper. Who done it?!
  • Written by .............. David Evans
  • Directed by ............. Steve Rubenstein
May 18
Mask of Amon-Tura
Join Keith Nash, special services coordinator of the archaeological museum as he discovers the hidden tale and terrors of the mysterious golden mask that has been discovered in the eastern storage dock.
  • Written by .............. Charles Russell
  • Directed by ............. Russ Hickman
May 25 & June 1
Nineteen Hertz
Lance Treadwell, a journalist for popular science magazines, receives a telephone call from Dr. Stella Sanders, a quantum physicist. She wants him to come and witness the biggest story of his life. What he discovers there is completely unexpectedů and dangerous.
  • Written by .............. Andrew Meyers
  • Directed by ............. Jonathan W Wind
June 8, 15, 22
A Tribute To Ford Maddox Ford
In the leisurely world before the wars two married couples meet at a spa and share a nine-year friendship, filled with good times, deceit, romance, madness, sentiment and betrayal.
  • Written by .............. Ford Maddox Ford

Note: The dates above indicate the date the RealAudio and mp3 streams are put on our website around 10 PM Pacific time. The satellite transmission date for each play is usually two days later.

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