National Schedule  

National Schedule

"Shoestring Radio Theatre" is downloaded nationally every week via Content Depot of the Public Radio Satellite Network (which reaches hundreds of public radio stations across the country). The program also is heard on Golden Hours Radio in the state of Oregon and the Companion Radio Network (transmitted to convalescent homes, veterans hospitals, and rehabilitation centers throughout the country). You can also listen to the show on-demand or at KUSF in Exile on Friday nights from 9:30 pm to 10 pm Pacific time.

National Schedule Satellit

August 22 and 29
The Problem of Cell 13
Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen, aka The Thinking Machine, bets his friends, Alfred Fielding and Dr. Charles Ransome that he can escape from Auburn Prisonís death cell within a week. He will take with him tooth powder, and one 5 dollar and two 10-dollar bills. The fun is in figuring out how he accomplishes the task.
  • Written by .............. Jacques Futrelle
  • Dramatised by ........... Neville Teller
  • Directed by ............. Steve Rubenstein
September 5 and 12
Dear Ray, Why I Hate You
They were the best of friends until a femme fatale entered their lives. This tense two-part chiller charts the dramatic possible consequences of abandonment and obsession.
  • Written by .............. Randy Parker
  • Directed by ............. Randy Parker
September 19
Blackmail Is An Ugly Word
Private eye Kitty Elliott is the client when she asks her partner Nick Murphy to retrieve some old letters to a vindictive former friend.
  • Written by .............. Monica Sullivan
September 26, October 3 and 10
Bella Donna
"Bella Donna" means "Beautiful Lady," yet it is also the name of a deadly poison. This classic tale of Ruby Chepstowe Armine describes a woman who is both to the men in her life.
  • Written by .............. Robert Hitchens
  • Directed by ............. Russ Hickman
October 17
Fantasy On A Winter Night
Private eyes Nick Murphy and Kitty Elliott investigate sabotage within the fashion industry.
  • Written by .............. Monica Sullivan
October 24 and 31
The Fatal Cipher
Miss Elizabeth Devan brings a letter to Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen, aka The Thinking Machine, in hopes he can figure out what it means. It was found in the pocket on the dead body of her adoptive father Pomeroy Stockton. The Thinking Machine takes up the challenge to find out what it all means.
  • Written by .............. Jacques Futrelle
  • Dramatised by ........... Neville Teller
  • Directed by ............. Kathy Dominici

Note: The dates above indicate the date the RealAudio and mp3 streams are put on our website around 10 PM Pacific time. The satellite transmission date for each play is usually two days later.

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