Absolute Beginners

"Movie Magazine International" Review

(Air Date: Week Of 4/4/88)

By Monica Sullivan

Julien Temple's underrated "Absolute Beginners" provides an unsettling portrait of London circa 1958. The film has been criticized for its lack of character development and for its last-minute attack on racism, and although these flaws are real, there is much worth seeing and hearing in this flashy study of the emergence of the British teen. Magnetic performances by David Bowie and Sade, amusing bits by Ray Davies and Mandy Rice-Davies and interesting work by Patsy Kensit and Anita Morris contribute to the striking atmosphere. The impressive photography and great jazz don't hurt, either. We'd like to see this one along with the 1960 Val Guest film "Expresso Bongo", starring Laurence Harvey and Sir Cliff Richard, which examines the same world from a slightly different perspective.

Copyright 1988 Monica Sullivan

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