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Amazon Women On The Moon

USA - 1987

Movie Review By Monica Sullivan

If it's three o'clock in the morning & there's nothing on the tube but test patterns, infomercials, all night preachers & Spanish movies without subtitles, give "Amazon Women On The Moon" a try. It's a funny pastiche of sketches with big stars, a recreation of a 1950's science fiction flick complete with a 1950's-style astronaut (Steve Forrest) & even a lovingly crafted spoof of a medical horror story (starring patient Carrie Fisher & Dr. Paul Bartel) in the guise of an "educational" warning about venereal disease. Henry Silva is a parallel world version of Jack Palance during his "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" tenure & Ed Begley, Jr. thinks he's "The Invisible Man" in a tribute to 1930's Universal that has the era down cold, with every prop & bit player just right. Not all the gags are equally funny & a celebrity roast about a dead guy is much too long, but there are gems throughout, like David Alan Grier's Don "No Soul" Simmons routines, Rosanna Arquette's meticulous background check before she goes out on a blind date (check out her 1987 threads), & the surprise appearance of everyone from Sybil Danning as Queen Lara to Dick Miller. It's definitely late night fare. We can't imagine watching this in the daytime!

© 2001 - Monica Sullivan - Air Date: 2/28/01

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