Movie Review: Austin Powers in Goldmember

By Purple
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Mike Myers is out of control. He's unchained, he's loose like a tiger, "grrr baby yeah!" And when he dons his velvet suit and ascot in the third installment of "Austin Powers" movies, Myers throws tradition to the wind and serves up another swinging piece of pop culture pie for us to shovel down.

"Goldmember" isn't a movie as much as it is the "Austin Powers" "Laugh-In" Variety Show. A loose plot stings together a bunch of shticks and funny bits from those crazy shagadelic characters we know and love. Myers returns as the International Man of Mystery, and also plays the films title character "Goldmember", an evil mastermind from Holland who's sole purpose seems to be so the film has an excuse to visit the seventies and that the name of this sequel can poke fun at the "James Bond" movies. "Goldmember's" storyline is quickly shoved to the back, letting Mike Myers and a who's who of Hollywood celebrities shake their thing.

Myers fills up his playhouse with the familiar faces we know to expect. He slops on the goo as the disgusting Scotsman, Fat Bastard and shines his bald head as the notorious Dr. Evil who once more has cooked up a scheme to conquer the world. But it is the Austin Powers supporting cast that carries the load to back Myers up, and we see some new twists on familiar gags.

Dr.Evil getting into it with his son Scott, played by Seth Green, as he dotes on the still disturbing Mini-Me character. Mindy Sterling comes through with some sexy mama surprises as Frau, and Robert Wagner as the eye-patched Number two, bumbles in the background with a real plan for ruling the world. And just when you're thinking, "but didn't they just do all of these gags from the other two films" Myers pulls some mojo out of the bag and steers "Goldmember" towards the unexplained and unexpected.

Somewhere in the middle of this, there is a father-son bonding plot that allows Michael Caine to appear as Austin's long lost father who, like son is a shagadelic secret spy, and was better at swinging with the ladies than being a dad for little Danger Powers. The scenes with Myers and Caine are fun and you couldn't ask for better casting here.

So If you want a movie that's funky and funny without sacrificing the story, go hunt down this summers' earlier comedy crime fighter "Undercover Brother". As for "Goldmember", the non-stop gross out humor and the forgettable plotline will easily irritate stuffed shirts everywhere, but if you're into the "Austin Powers" spirit of things, then "Goldmember" will set you on your ear and be Groovy for you baby.

For Movie Magazine, this is Purple.
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