Movie Review: Broken English

By Moira Sullivan
Movie Magazine International
Zoe Cassavetes' new film Broken English is a delight, and as a debut film shows that we can expect good things from her. The story is about a 30 plus woman Nora Wilder, you gotta appreciate that name, who works as in hotel management. She is played by indie queen Parker Posey Nora jumps at men, and never seems to get anywhere. So she decides to take a time out. But that is usually when things happen. That is when you donít want anything to happen. And so she meets a Frenchmen who is a Jean Paul Belmondo type - Melville Poupaud, but Nora is no Jean Seberg. Julien leaves for Paris and she gets cold feet and tries to track him down with sidekick Audrey played by Drea de Matteo. Its all fun stuff, and itís a great script, with movie magic. Not bad for the daughter of Gena Rowlands, with a bit part as, you guessed it, Nora's mom, and pop John Cassavettes. In fact a lot of the dialogue according to Zoe was improvisational, So here is Zoe.... (interview July 4th 2007).

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Broken English
USA - 2007