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What better way to spend valentines day than with a bunch of lonely hearts club geeks in a darkened theatre gathered together to watch beautiful people bounce around the New York skyline in tight fitting leather. I'm not talking about some new Time Square revue, but "Daredevil", the latest comic book to be retold in celluloid.

Featuring big budget special effects and stars, "Daredevil" is the first of many superhero stories being shown this year. It features Ben Affleck, who turns down his own volume just enough to make him almost believable as Matt Murdoch the blinded lawyer by day, and vigilante crime fighter by night.

Jennifer Garner's likable appearance doesn't save her portrayal of Elektra, as she seems too much Midwestern and not enough exotic Mediterranean that Elektra is supposed to be. Her wardrobe at times seems like something out of Dynasty re-runs, with each costume cut so that her cleavage earns her co-star billing.

The romantic chemistry between the two megastars, is frisky enough however unbelievable it is. The exciting scene where the two tangle in a crowded playground is fun to watch it also seems a bit far out of character for costumed characters to show off their abilities and give away their secret identities in front of a few dozen school aged witnesses.

Colin Farrell as Bullseye is reduced to an annoying sideline character who looks like he's stepped off the set of "the Matrix" as an extra and into a supporting role on this flick. Michael Clarke Duncan reprises his role from the "Spiderman" animated series as the Kingpin, and comes through with a commanding presence that bristles the hair on your neck every time he speaks. His scenes carry the heavy-handed dialogue through and the movie lights up every time he's on.

Grame Ravelle's muddy score is elevated only by the notion that it gives us a break from the rest of the grossly inappropriate soundtrack. The pop songs put on parade while we see our heroes bounce across rooftops make you wince ... and wish record companies would stop forcing filmmakers to promote their bands. That's what MTV2 is for.

The "Daredevil" movie has its highlights, including the first time young Matt Murdoch uses his cool radar view and the best opening titles I've seen in a while. However, as a person who grew up on the Frank Miller run of "Daredevil" comics that this movies story is based on, I feel that the Hollywood system has infected another solid storyline with too many compromises to make it marketable for the masses. "Daredevil" screened with trailers for three more comic book movies coming this year, and us bag and board collectors will have to hope and pray they turn out better than this one.

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