Movie Review: Devil's Knight

By Monica Sullivan
Movie Magazine International
“Devil’s Knight” is a supernaturally fast and powerful low-riding car. It was built to win low-rider races by its proud designers, Hector and Rubin Rivera. Dressed to the nines, Hector (in bright red) and younger brother Rubin (Jose Solano) appear on the television talk show of Big Eddie (Garry Marshall, of all people!) both exuding the confidence of champions. Their life’s dream is cut short when they are painfully murdered by the gang of mean Richie Cobor, a rival on the racing circuit. When Delia Rivera learns about her slain brothers, she takes a leave of absence from her elite military squad training to avenge their deaths.

Elizabeth Alvarez, best known for her work in Mexican television, stars as Delia. Her American credits include small parts in Lenny Von Dohlen’s. “One Good Turn” and Vin Diesel’s “A Man Apart.” “Devil’s Knight” is her first big showcase appearance in the U.S. and she makes the most of it. Although Delia Rivera must vamp her way into Richie Cobor’s organization as a beauty queen, she is clearly uncomfortable with the act and Alvarez is at her best as a tough fighter fueled by anguish over her lost brothers.

Delia enlists the help of her godfather Zeff Estes (played by long-time character actor Martin Kove) and ugly Bobby (Joey Medina), whose crush on her makes it easy for him to supply her with information on Richie Cobor. Richie himself (played to the hilt by Jaime Gomez) is a cruel piece of work, but he’s clearly no match for Alzarez as Delia.

Inexpensively produced, this Quan Phillips feature moves along at a rapid clip, and should appeal to both male and female viewers because of the strong presence of Elizabeth Alvarez. It’s good to see Pepe Serna return to the screen as Hector. His career spans from 1970’s “The Student Nurses” through 1994’s “A Million To Juan” with a memorable turn in John Schlesinger’s “”Day of The Locust” in 1975. Charismatic as ever, he helps to make the supernatural elements of “Devil’s Knight” work.
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Devil's Knight
USA - 2003