Movie Review: Down with Love

By Purple
Movie Magazine International
In amongst this summer of superheroes, its nice to take a break from the comic book violence and take in something that your girlfriend might want to see. The new romantic comedy, "Down With Love" comes through with a story so fun that even the diehard geeks wont miss the guns.

"Down With Love" is a lighthearted smartly written screwball comedy that draws heavily on and pays homage to the fun film fluff from the early 60's. What "Austin Powers" did as a send up of super spy cinema, "Down With Love" salutes classics such as "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Pillow Talk". If you're a fan of these You'll love "Down With Love".

The spunky Renee Zellwegger plays Barbara Novak, a woman fed up with romance and writes "Down With Love". A guidebook for women to demand equal rights, earn status and have sex ala cart just like a man! The book creates such a stir that America's leading playboy Catcher Block smoothly played by Ewan McGregor, gets called in to wine and dine Miss Novak and write an expose for the most read men's magazine in the country proving that Novak wants love after all.

The "Down With Love" farce is propped up by an ensemble cast of television favorites. Rachel Dratch and other "Saturday Night Live" stars work their way in, as does "Frasier's" David Hyde Pierce. Even Tony Randall shows up as an old fashioned curmudgeon who wants to keep the status quo.

The fashions, soundtrack and storyline all pay tribute to the era and reinvents it in a lighthearted and silly way. From Novaks fabulous clothes and hair ensembles to the ten minutes needed inside Catcher Blocks space age bachelor pad, "Down With Love" carries on the up-tempo anything can happen perspective that the early sixties cinema projected. It celebrates the details that made those movies great, like the montage down fun lane and a series of madcap plot twists that will keep you guessing until the very end.

"Down With Love" is a stylish and goofy change of pace. If you need a break from all the action movies heating up the multiplexes this summer, this won't disappoint and may become its own national phenomenon.

Hoping to see a surge of early sixties styling on the streets this is Purple for Movie Magazine.
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Down with Love
USA - 2003