Movie Review: Forbidden Zone: Waiting for DVD follow-up

By Purple
Movie Magazine International
As we reported in Spring last year, the ‘Forbidden Zone’ was at the top of my waiting for DVD list, and this month proved that dreams do come true, even for cult movie fiends like me, with the release of the ‘Forbidden Zone’ on DVD. Celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, the DVD presents Richard Elfman’s black and white freaky feature like its never been seen before.

The ‘Forbidden Zone’ is one of the finest underground films ever made. And in true underground fashion, the movie didn’t have widespread distribution and was primarily seen when one dedicated fan showed their second-generation bootleg videotape to friends. Watching the DVD with its digitally re-mastered widescreen presentation is like seeing the movie new again. The soundtrack has been upgraded to Dolby 5:1 standards, and even includes a separate music only option, to listen to Danny Elfman’s musical genius on its own.

Beyond the quality upgrade, the DVD has tons of nooks and crannies to explore. You can check out the music video Richard Elfman directed for Oingo Boingo, or laugh out loud at the deleted scenes that have been missing all these years. And once you’ve memorized all the lines by heart, you can flip on the audio commentary or watch the new ‘Forbidden Zone’ documentary and get the inside scoop on the creative process behind this cinematic madness.

Yes indeed this is one satisfied film freak. If you’re a ‘Forbidden Zone’ fan, find an outlet that carries DVD’s from Fantoma. And if you’ve never seen the movie, then you are in for one of the wildest rides around. And folks who can make it the spooky world of Los Angeles around Halloween, break out your costumes and be sure to check out the screening of the ‘Forbidden Zone’ playing at the NuArt theatre in West LA on Friday October 29. Director Richard Elfman will be there to answer questions and give away signed ‘Forbidden Zone’ gear to a few lucky fans.

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Forbidden Zone: Waiting for DVD follow-up
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