Gold Diggers: The Secret Of Bear Mountain

"Movie Magazine International" Review -- Air Date: Week Of 11/1/95

By Monica Sullivan

There aren't too many female buddy movies around these days (& no, "Copy Cat" doesn't count) which is why I found "Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear mountain" such a delightful surprise. Starring Anna Chlumsky & Christina Ricci, two of the best teen actresses working today, "Gold Diggers" focuses almost exclusively on their tight friendship, their efforts to help each other from near death & their hunt for the secret treasure of the legendary Molly Morgan.

Most of the grownups here are major idiots, especially Sheriff Brian Kerwin, but that's just fine for a PG entry designed primarily for pre-teen girls. Chlumsky is the little toughie with a bad rep in this one, Ricci the acquiescent and rather naive city girl who becomes her best friend at first sight. Their friendship brings out the best in both of them: Chlumsky's character learns to develop trust and a sense of responsibility, Ricci`s character becomes more assertive and self-reliant.

There a sub-plot involving domestic violence that's both strongly conveyed by Diana Scarwid & David Keith & well-balanced with the rest of the story. All that plus the spectacular scenery of British Columbia and Universal delivers a nail-biting adventure for the kiddie matinee crowds that even boys and/or grownups may enjoy. "Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain" opens nationally this week.

Copyright 1995 Monica Sullivan

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