By Joan K. Widdifield, Psy.D
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"Intimate Stories" is a small film with the fitting Spanish language title, "Historias Minimas." It gives us a close look into the lives of three citizens of a small town in the vast Patagonia plain of Argentina – and deals with vast internal, emotional landscapes. Each is traveling to the district capital of San Julian pursuing a goal, which is where their stories gently intersect.

The film deals with mis-communications, and desires. These heart-warming slice-of-life stories don’t have an obvious message; but the payoff is in the feeling they elicit.

Director Carlos Sorin uses non-professional actors in the three lead roles. Like other recent films that featured non-professional actors, "Story of the Weeping Camel," "Himalaya," "Beautiful Boxer," and "Travelers and Magicians," Sorin achieves stunning results. From the moment we see the young mother Maria (Javiera Bravo) when she learns she is chosen as a contestant on a cheesy TV game show, we are smitten by her gentle, open face.

Roberto (Javier Lombardo), the traveling salesman, is crestfallen when he thinks he has no chance with his love interest, and his façade of bravado dissolves when alone. The crusty old man, Justo (Antonio Benedicti) comes to life when he learns that his missing dog Badface is spotted in San Julian. He embarks on a journey to find Badface with a sweet, memorable outcome.

"Intimate Stories" pacing is deliberate, even a little too lingering in the middle. But, Carlos Sorin’s keenly observed narratives touch us with gentle humor and a connection with humanity.

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Air date: August 24, 2005
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(2002) Spanish Language