Movie Review: Invader Zim

By Purple
Movie Magazine International
Greetings fellow earthlings, if you were a follower of the short lived animated series ‘Invader Zim’, your wishes have been heard and the machine has answered. No Zim isn’t coming back for another season, but the complete DVD box set is getting released later in 2004! Yes it’s true, though if you went searching through the traditional corporate methods of looking at and Amazon, they bury Zim’s existence seemingly wishing the twisted television show would go away. But if you peer into the well of helpful web fan sites like you discover a wealth of Zim information that every Irken Invader should know.

Such as the rumor that series creator Johen Vasquez will be joined by other Zim writers and production staff providing commentary for the DVD. This includes fellow comic author Roman Dirge, music composer Kevin Mathei and voice actor Wally Wingert who also doubles as the host of a swell black and white theatre in LA. Surely the disc will include some behind the scenes work such as Zim storyboards and more, but until the SKU becomes, official the Zim fan base is the only source for what’s going to be featured.

‘Invader Zim’ first aired on Nickelodeon in March 2001 and lasted a year before it’s cancellation in December 2002. Close to four dozen Zim segments that spanned over two dozen episodes struck a nerve with a diehard avid Zim following, but the rest of the world, including those in the executive conference rooms at Nick, didn’t quite get it, and severed Zim’s lifespan off just as the first wave of Zim plush toys and t-shirts filled up the shelves at Hot Topix everywhere. It seemed wrong, and if the rumors of Jhonen Vasquez’s personality not being far from his Zim’ character, it’s amazing that the Nick production building is left standing and not fall victim to one of Vasquez’s life size robot of doom that he’s been working on for such occasions.

Yes, what did they expect from Vasquez, the creative talent that brought the comic world ‘Johnny the Homicidal Maniac’ and ‘Squee!’ Is not going to deliver some warm fuzzy nonsense to please the masses. With Zim Vasquez unleashed his demented dreams and acerbic attitude to the planet in the form of an endearing boy and his dog story gone horribly wrong.

So while we can be certain there will be no more new adventures with Zim, Gir, and the ‘Invader Zim’ world, we can savor the knowledge that we will be able to enjoy one animations best short lived shows in full DVD glory soon and stop having to resort to pirate download sites instead.

Pacing the floors and waiting for this DVD set to finally get released, this is Purple for the Irken Invasion and Movie Magazine signing off
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