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Love, Always

USA - 1997

Movie Review By Andrea Chase

We here at Movie Magazine are given roughly two minutes to tell what we think about a movie. Every now and then, though, there comes a flick that, well, just doesn't deserve the investment of that much time. Not mine, not yours. Such is the astonishingly awful "Love Always."

Where to begin? Idiot characters. The heroine of the piece, Julia, can't negotiate voice mail. Stupid plot. Her boyfriend proposes by postcard. Stupid premise. Does she write back? Does she get someone to help her with her voicemail problem? Heck, no! She decides to hitchhike up the western seaboard and surprise him.

And don't go thinking that the people she meets are any smarter. At one point, she catches a ride with a spaced-out petty thief who disappointed me when he didn't turn out to be a serial killer. I'm not ordinarily a blood-thirsty person, but at that point, I honestly believed Julia and I would both would benefit from her cinematic euthanasia.

"Love Always" is an example of the type of film that is so inept you just can't believe anyone would waste time, money or film stock on it. Then you remember that this sort of thing is a group effort and you question the evolutionary advantages of herd behavior.

© 1997 - Andrea Chase - Air Date: 10/10/97

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