Movie Review: LovecraCked! The Movie

By Monica Sullivan
Movie Magazine International
Just in time for Halloween, “Love-Cracked! The Movie” is now out on DVD. I wish I could say it was the greatest thing since sliced eyeballs, but it is, in fact, uneven. Some viewers may well appreciate all the varied approaches to the enigmatic H.P. Lovecraft. At its best, in Simon Rubens’ blood-chilling segment “Alecto”, “Lovecraft!” is as worthy a homage as you’re likely to see this season. But the seemingly endless stream of groan jokes and sight gags that pad the movie wore me down and took away from the parts that work. If you dig silly stuff, and gorefests, they’re here, but they’re an unworthy accompaniment to well-constructed, carefully shot narratives. There are ten (count em-ten!) directors here, including Elias, offering something for everyone, but not, alas, enough for this reviewer. The film is available at

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LovecraCked! The Movie
USA + 2006