Movie Review: The Nightmare Before Christmas - 3D

By Purple
Movie Magazine International
Thirteen years after its initial release, Tim Burton’s "Nightmare Before Christmas" returns to movie theaters in time for Halloween. Being able to see one of the all time animated classics on the big screen is enough of a treat, but thanks to the wizards at Industrial Light and Magic, Disney has tricked out the "Nightmare Before Christmas" in digital 3D. And the experience is incredible.

Gone are the cumbersome red and green 3D glasses from the 50’s replaced with stylish Wayfarer like plastic sunglasses with filtered lenses that allow the viewer to watch the enhanced film. The best way to describe the new 3D is to compare it to the old fashioned Viewmaster reels, but brought to life as a motion picture. The most obvious 3D effects can be seen during the introductory reel that plays that tells the audience to put the glasses on, and as it takes place outside of the film, Disney allowed themselves to make this part literally jump off the screen.

And to its credit, Disney resisted the urge to add new 3D specific scenes and only apply the holographic like effect to the movie without altering the story of the original classic. They did not add any extra shots to try and make it ‘more 3D’ than it always was, and the result is a chance to re-watch one of your favorite movies of all time in an entirely new way.

As part of this new release, a new edition of the soundtrack album is now available. The CD is a two disc set, with the original soundtrack recording on one, and a series of demos from Danny Elfman and covers of some of the catchier NBC tunes by current artists such as Fiona Apple and Fall Out Boy. And while I will always love the Elfman versions, tracks like the new Marilyn Manson’s rendition of “This is Halloween” will live on endless repeat in my car for weeks.

Disney, showing off its recent acquisition of Pixar and its assets, also includes “Knick Knack” one of their original animated short films that helped pave the way for feature length computer animated movies. And here, in the computer rendered realm, the Digital 3D effect shows its strengths as the crisp clean lines pop out with the 3D layering applied. And like the "Nightmare Before Christmas", getting to see "Knick Knack" on the big screen again is a treat considering it first appeared in film festivals like "Spike and Mike".

As a diehard "Nightmare Before Christmas" fan, I can whole heartedly say this movie is worth seeking out where its playing during its limited release. See the Pumpkin King as you’ve never seen him before.

Hoping they’ll release a DVD of the 3D version, for Movie Magazine this is Purple.

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