No Man's Land (1987)

"Movie Magazine International" Review

(Air Date: Week Of 10/23/87)

By Monica Sullivan

Movies can be educational! Here is some of the stuff I learned while watching "No Man's Land". Good guys have fluffy hair and scruffy clothes. Bad guys slick their hair back and have bad taste in expensive clothes. Bad guys hate broads, but they're alright for impressing good guys. Good guys love women, and women love to make bacon for good guys. Cars with Henry Mancini songs on their tape decks are just asking to be stolen. If you shoot a guy on a crowded dance floor, no one will notice you because of the strobe lights. There are some other things going on here, but good writing (by Dick Wolf) and interesting direction (by Peter Werner) aren't among them. It was probably a mistake to watch "No Man's Land" straight after a masterpiece like 1949's "White Heat", because the new film is a retread on that old theme of the cop infiltrating the crook's life. This is the ideal drive-in movie because no matter how many times you escape to the snack bar, you won't miss a thing.

Copyright 1987 Monica Sullivan

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