Movie Review: Shack Out On 101

By Monica Sullivan
Movie Magazine International
You haven't LIVED until you've seen the ultimate sleazeball classic of 1955: Ed Dein's "Shack Out on 101." Yep, the Commies are it again and who is their recruit of choice but grungy Lee Marvin, cast-to-type as SLOB, & warming up for his Academy Award acceptance speech some ten years later? Female viewers can admire the gutsiness of Terry Moore's character as a waitress named Kotty. (Now THERE is a dame who knows how to handle sexual harassment!) Meanwhile, male viewers can sympathize with the dilemma of all those poor lonely men onscreen who have to live with the fact that the only women for miles around can't stand them. The climax of "Shack Out" is beyond belief: Your jaw will either be NAILED to your chin or you'll be in such uncontrollable hysterics that you may have to SLAP yourself. (Thanks, I needed that!) If the late, great Tex Avery had ever made a live action feature, it might have looked like this one. Don't miss "Shack Out", co-starring Frank Lovejoy as The Professor, Keenan Wynn as George & the ubiquitous Whit Bissell as Eddie.
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Shack Out On 101
USA - 1955