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Slappy and the Stinkers

USA - 1998

Movie Review By Pete Dunn

Good evening boys and girls, it's time for Uncle Pete's storytime. Tonight's story is a tale about five children and a sea lion. It's called "Slappy and the Stinkers" -- no giggling -- and it's playing at a movie theater by you (at least for another two or three days).

Now the stinkers are a group of five children that...oh, you want to know why they're called stinkers. Well, that's because it's what their teacher calls them. You see the stinkers cause trouble at the school. They leave class when their teacher is singing excerpts from the "HMS Pinafore." Can you say that kids? Pin-a-fore? Anyways, they cause a lot of mischief. Now one day the teacher takes his class (the stinkers too!) on a field trip to the Marine animal park, where the kids meet Slappy! Slappy is a sea lion. Have you ever seen a sea lion? Yes, they're those funny creatures that you can see on Pier 39.

Anyways, one of the zoo attendants tries to sell Slappy to an evil man. The stinkers don't think this is good, and decide to help Slappy escape. The fun times abound when the kids hide Slappy in their teacher's Jacuzzi.

Now, Uncle Pete would like to finish the story for you but he can't. However, the movie is currently playing in a theater, and maybe you can get mommy and daddy to take you to it. When Uncle Pete saw this movie, he was bored out of his mind. Can you say "bored out of your mind"?. I knew you could. However, Uncle Pete made two new friends at the theater, ages four and seven, and they said that it was a very good movie. Uncle Pete thinks it might be a nice summer time movie rental for when it's too hot for everybody to play outside.

© 1998 - Pete Dunn - Air Date: 01/98

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