Movie Review: Snow Day

By Purple
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If you grew up in an area that actually had winter weather, then you understand the magic that lives at the core of "Snow Day". As a kid, Snow Days are what you live for. It starts as you wake up and see the world buried in a blanket of white wonderland. You rush to the radio, and if you're really lucky, your district is listed with the school closures and it's a "Snow Day" for you! And as this movie frequently reminds you it's a "Snow Day" and anything can happen.

Anything and everything, as Chris Koch, the director of the film carries the storyline all over the map. Attempting to include something for the whole family, "Snow Day" features multiple plots about the various adventures that members of one suburban home have throughout the day.

The featured attraction is a John Hughes-like romance, where teenage boy lusts after the prettiest teenage girl in town while his best friend secretly pines for him. This mushiness is offset by the story of the spunky little sister, who is on a quest with her elementary school friends for the legendary Second "Snow Day". Her nemesis to this is a thoroughly disgusting and despicable creep called Snow Plow Man, a role played disturbingly well by Chris Elliot, and reminiscent of his many characters seen on "Late Night with David Letterman". The results are antics reminiscent of "Home Alone" and play with the same childish but funny glee.

For the parents in the audience, we have the story of their parents. Dad, played with style by Chevy Chase, is a third place news weatherman and his poor ratings forces him to dress up in all sorts of wacky costumes in an effort to gain market share. Mom, is a cell phone addicted businesswoman who is more involved with making meetings than making time for her family.

While I applaud the attempt to make a film that has a broad audience, Snow Day's blatant attempts to be everything for everyone results in a watered down mix that feel more like slush than snow. Its not say that it doesn't have its enjoyable moments, but the forced bits made to appeal to the different age demographics just doesn't mix well. A scene with fart jokes smells bad after a sappy romantic moment, it just does.

If you're lucky enough to have a "Snow Day" yourself this year, I suggest you steer clear of the theatres for this one and enjoy it the magic of the day outdoors. For movie magazine, this is Purple
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