Movie Review: Spider-Man 3

By Purple
Movie Magazine International
The summer of sequels began this week with the third installment in the Spiderman series. As a matinee movie to munch popcorn with "Spiderman 3" sort of comes through. It's big it's loud and the hefty production budget keeps the special effects rolling and we see all the cash spent on screen. As I was fortunate to attend a screening shown on the IMAX screen, it reinforces the idea that the bigger the screen the better the best parts and action sequences of "Spiderman 3" will be.

However, "Spiderman 3" tries to cover one or two plot lines too many and the result is a stilted series of story threads that at times seem to drag on while we wait for them to be woven together. And compared to the previous two "Spiderman" movies, there's a stronger campy element in "Spiderman 3" that seems to throw the franchise into a new direction that doesn't seem to match up to the tone of the earlier two.

The good parts of "Spiderman 3" include the return of JK Simmons as J.Jonah Jameson as always is fun to see . And the Sam Raimi directed action sequences, that peak during the crane crash sequence and we are introduced to Gwen Stacy. Bryce Dallas Howard's portrayal of the rival love interest for Peter Parker, stands out as the best character in the story, whose moral compass remains intact and the one you wish had more screen time with.

The bad parts are numerous, but it really falls apart in the end and together with the cheesy newscasts, the spelled out threats to Spiderman in the webbing, and the crying and apologizing between the Sandman and Spiderman all leaves you bewildered and unsatisfied.

And then the ugly includes the movie starting and ending with musical numbers sung by Kirsten Dunst, whose Mary Jane Watson character in "Spiderman 3" deteriorates into someone no one could love. As an odd spin Peter Parkers transformation into an evil emo kid who somehow proves his darker side by strutting through the streets of Manhattan pointing at girls. While funny to watch, the emo dance seems out of place in the "Spiderman" series.

That's one sequel down and so many more to go this summer, for Movie Magazine, this is Purple
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