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Stockholm International Film Festival 2000 honors Lauren Bacall

Special Report By Moira Sullivan

The Stockholm International Film Festival is considered one of the top 10 film festivals in the world. In the darkest time of the year in Sweden when the sun sets early in the afternoon the festival lights up the public. Actress Lauren Bacall was selected this year to receive the festival's 'Lifetime Achievement Award'. She met the Swedish public in a 'Face 2 Face seminar' and talked about her life in films and the theatre.

Bacall was a different kind of femme fatale who did not spell ruin for men, but instead stood by their side and earned their respect. This deviation from the classic film noir female character has made Bacall unique. Lauren Bacall admitted that one of her favorite directors was Martin Scorcese. "Id be a wonderful hood. He doesn't understand what I'm saying. Don't you agree? Would I not be a fabulous 'Don'? Why can't I be that!"

Bacall said that George Bush was "the biggest failure" in politics today, proudly proclaiming her Democratic allegiance.

The following were clips from her meeting with the public:

She spoke about going to Washington to protest the House UnAmerican Activities Committee: (HUAC clip)

The topics of censorship and Tipper Gore came up and this is what she had to say: (censorship and Gore clip)

There has been a renaissance of interest for Lauren Bacall--both for the work she's done and what she's doing now. I asked Miss Bacall how she sees how her roles developed through the years. (Bacall clip answering question for Movie Magazine International).

This is Moira Sullivan for Movie Magazine International, Stockholm SWEDEN

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