"Movie Magazine International" Review

(Air Date: Week Of 7/24/96)

By Alex Lau

So you've seen all the summer blockbusters with all their technological miracles and now you're thinking, "What could possibly top this?"

Well, let me tell you, nothing else this summer will be as eye-popping, jaw-dropping, and heart-stopping as "Supercop," the new Jackie Chan action film. I dare you, no, I double dare you, to watch this movie and say to yourself, "Yeah, I could do that."

Jackie Chan plays Kevin Chan, a so-called Hong Kong "Super Cop," who is being sent on a deep cover mission into mainland China to infiltrate a drug running gang led by the evil Chaibot. His partner for this mission is Director of Security Yang, played by Michelle Khan, who also happens to be a beautiful young woman and an accomplished martial artist herself.

So this, of course, leads to fight scenes, and chase scenes, and big shootout scenes, with Khan getting into as much action as Chan.

When this movie originally came out in Hong Kong in 1992, it was the biggest box office blockbuster in Hong Kong history. This version of "Supercop" has been edited to make it even more fast-paced and frenetic, and of course it's dubbed into English, which adds some unintended humor.

But that doesn't matter! Because this is Jackie Chan, and he's the most popular movie star in the world for a reason: because he never fails to entertain you, whether it be with his self-deprecating humor and charm, or with his seemingly suicidal stunts. This is also a starmaker for Michelle Khan, who certainly shows she can share the screen with Jackie Chan.

So if you've grown jaded with all of Hollywood's computer-generated special effects, miniatures, and stunt doubles, get thee to a theater and see "Supercop."

Copyright 1996 Alex Lau

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