Movie Review: Suspiria - uncut edition

By Purple
Movie Magazine International
Cut... Slice... Hack... and Slash , these are some words that are used when describing the many films of the legendary Italian horror movie director Dario Argento. However the same brutality seen inside of Argento's films is often mirrored by American censors who have cut and edited out some of the most intense moments he creates.

For American fans of the 1977 cult classic "Suspiria", chances are they've never seen the film the way Argento intended, until now. With a thankful nod to the recent Digital Video revolution, "Suspiria" has been completely re-mastered under the direct supervision of Dario Argento and released on DVD. This release offers US audiences a look at one of the scariest movies ever made, unleashing its pure uncut terror for the first time.

For the uninitiated, "Suspiria" follows the story of Suzy Banyon, an innocent and seductively beautiful American girl played by Jessica Harper, who travels to Europe to join a famous ballet school. However Suzy quickly learns that there something sinister at the school as she unravels the cover-up for a coven of century old witches.

Argento's mastery of the horror genre can be seen through his use of saturated colors in "Suspiria", which compels you to look on, even while grotesque scenes unfold making you squirm and screaming to look away.

However "Suspiria" may be the scariest movie you ever hear. While audio has always been used to raise the tension in horror movies, Argento transcends this by unleashing a sonic wave that crashes into you and stirs up the darkest emotions found deep inside us all. The soundtrack is composed and performed by Goblin, an Italian band who have collaborated with Argento throughout his career. In "Suspiria", their music becomes the terror that seems to control your heart rate and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Praised by critics as the "Italian Hitchcock", Argento is different than American horror masters in that his films take more wild cinematic chances with the way the story looks, sounds and plays. Certainly US directors Ken Russell and Wes Craven have learned from Argento lessons elevating their slasher films into the tension filled art they've become. And now, with the recent DVD releases, new and old horror fans alike can explore the twisted and compelling world of Dario Argento uncut.
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