Movie Review: Troy

By Natalie Johnson
Movie Magazine International
This movie has it all. Battles, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and the face that sailed a thousand ships. It also has one of the most expensive budgets in history. But, hey, canít win ëem all.

Troy, based on Homerís Iliad, is an incredible movie. Admitted, some of it is sheer eye candy. Brad Pitt does a great job of Achilles. Orlando Bloom (Paris of Troy) is impulsive, rash and putting his country and his brother in danger. Both of these actors give perfectly good performances, but the real star of the movie is Eric Bana (The Hulk). He gives a great performance as Hector, Achillesí Enemy who is not as caught up in the glory of war. He is responsible and resigned to his fate. He gives the best performance.

Ross Byrne, as Brieses, the priestess with whom Achilles falls in love, is another star in this movie. Hr acting skills do not disappoint. She and Achilles have an interesting relationship, because Hector is Brieses cousin, and Hector and Achilles are enemies.
The violence is nothing more than the violence in Lord of the Rings. This movie is not especially disturbing unless the sight of blood creeps you out.

This movie doesnít focus on the glory of war, but rather the sadness of it. Like Homer, this movie tells each manís life story in detail before they are killed. Troy also slips in some things which are not in Homerís Iliad, such as the Trojan horse. It is also a more thoughtful movie than some war movies. Troy ends with Achillesí victory, but what victory is it if all they secured is a burning city?

This is Natalie Johnson for Movie Magazine.
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