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Urban Legends: Final Cut

USA - 2000

Movie Review By Monica Sullivan

"Urban Legends: Final Cut" had the muddiest soundtrack I've heard in any theatre since the late eighties. With an effort, I could make out every third word of dialogue, which, luckily, contains little in the way of crucial information. The sequel to "Urban Legend" is no better and not much worse than the original which had slightly better performances from a more experienced cast. This one has the attractive newcomers of today who look like the attractive newcomers of the late nineties: almost Julia Stiles, almost Casper Van Dien almost Tara Reid, almost Gina Gershon, almost Joey Lawrence. Wait a minute, that IS Joey, but he's 25 now, so he's billed as Joseph in the role of Graham Manning. Lawrence isn't the star, though, that honor goes to Jennifer Morrison, who was pretty good as Samantha the ghost in "Stir Of Echoes" and who's pretty good here as Amy Mayfield, student filmmaker. Matthew Davis makes his movie debut in the dual roles of another student filmmaker Travis Stark and his twin brother Trevor. For everyone who saw "Urban Legend", you know the drill, only this time around the storytellers are equipped with cameras and student film crews. Hart Bochner is their film teacher, Professor Solomon.

Loretta Devine makes a return appearance as Campus Security Guard Reese Wilson, who's hooked on "Foxy Brown" and wants to be just like her. Reese lasts all the way through this one, so expect her next time if they turn the franchise into a trilogy. Also making a return appearance is one of the stars from the first movie, but you'll have to stay till the very end when the "Funeral March of the Marionettes" (AKA Alfred Hitchcock's theme music) is played. Visually, "Final Cut" is a Rorschach test for the ultra squeamish as falling heads, limbs and internal organs flash before our eyes in all their plastic glory. Well, it was made in Ontario on the cheap & it looks it. Don't worry about residual nightmares when "Urban Legends: Final Cut" opens nationally this week.

© 2000 - Monica Sullivan - Air Date: 9/20/00

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