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The Wedding Singer

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Movie Review By Blue Velvet

While at NYU film school in the 1980's, relatively unknown Adam Sandler hung out with some guys whom he would end up working with throughout his entertainment career. Periodically Sandler collaborated with college pals like Saturday Night Live writer Tim Herlihy, producer Jack Giarraputo, and Frank Coraci who directed Sandler's "Lonesome Kicker" video. In the new comedy "The Wedding Singer," Sandler unites with all those familiar faces to hilariously spin a romantic tale so keen on the 80's, its authentic voice delivers it as a suprisingly terrific Sandleresque labor of love.

Sandler is completely in his element as Robbie Hart, a do-gooder of a wedding singer who sings cover songs at receptions in his small town. A closet songwriter and ex-spandex metal head, Robbie now serves as master entertainer at weddings. His heart overflows for his pea-brained sweetheart whom he is to marry tomorrow. Also on the brink of marriage is Julia, a doll of a waitress who works with Robbie at the receptions. Julia, played by Drew Barrymore, is engaged to a Miami Vice'd-out yuppie junk bondsman. Marital status aside, Robbie and Julia are drawn together as friends.

But finito goes Robbie's love-centered career when his fiancee dumps him. Only Julia's cherry ice cream smile lifts him out of a blue funk. Since Julia's thoughtless fiancee wants nothing to do with the wedding arrangements, Julie calls on Robbie for help and the two grow ever closer. One night in a man-to-man rap session with Julia's icky fiancee, Robbie learns that Julia is about to wed one cheating heinous putz and the rest of the film consists of Robbie's efforts to save Julia from a disastrous marriage.

Sure the plot holes stretch forever but they just inspire the audience to anticipate zany ways for Robbie and Julie to tie up loose ends. Plus seeing Sandler amongst those trendy 80's fads which were so regally amplified in the suburbs triples the effects of the jokes. The hysterical dialogue and perfectly placed cameos of Billy Idol and Steve Buscemi show that Sandler and company knew how to entertain without blundering into a false slickness. Sandler fans and especially 80's veterans in the audience stand to be tickled ruthlessly by "The Wedding Singer."

© 1998 - Blue Velvet - Air Date: 02/18/98

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