Movie Review: The X Files: I Want to Believe

By Purple
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I wanted to believe that at some point they made a new "X-Files" movie for some reason other than getting a chance to finally see Scully and Mulder smooch onscreen. That was until a friend of mine pointed out to me that Gillian Anderson's and David Duchovny's characters already got together before the show was finally put to rest six years ago.

I had missed this part, as I stopped watching "the X-Files" series long before the show was finally put down in season nine. The show lost its interest for me after the disappointment that followed seeing the last "X-Files" feature film, which did nothing to wrap up the ongoing and unwieldy conspiracy story arc that had taken over the show's identity. By the time the sad seasons 7 - 9 rolled around the show had deteriorated into an unfortunate experiment gone horribly wrong.

The show missed its chance to reinvent itself and see if a new pair of "X-Files" agent could step into the legendary shoes filled by Mulder and Scully, by letting Gillian Anderson lurk around after David Duchovny ducked out of the show. This never gave Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish a shot at taking over the show, which happens again in the latest "X-Files" movie.

Of course the new FBI agent characters that are introduced and played by XZibit and Amanda Peet never have a chance to be the focus for "The X-Files" movie and appear in the film as some one dimensional background fodder there to look good and in XZibit's case be the stern cynic, there to cast doubt on Mulder's plans, and then seem surprised when the supposed supernatural visions of the rambling Billy Connolly character come true.

One of the trailers promises` that the new X-Files movie features a crime that is so compelling that it takes reuniting Scully and Mulder to solve it, yet what we get is a mediocre mid-season one-off story that plays more like a homicide detective show than an X-File. It's not terrible, but it's not one of the single 'monster of the week' stories when the show was its best. The new movie replaces the supernatural and spooky feel that gave the "X-Files" shows their edge with a dull gory story about evil sounding Russian doctors.

By the end of "The X-Files I Want To Believe" it feels just like a rock band reunion tour, and we have to wonder if this new movie is being done to help Chris Carter and "The X-Files" family pay off some second mortgages. If you aren't running for the exit door by the time credits roll, fans can reward themselves with what will hopefully be the final glimpse of Scully and Mulder who wave up for the camera as they row row row their boat gently off to sea.

Looking forward to watching Season Two of the original series in HD someday to remind myself why I liked "The X-Files" in the first place, for Movie Magazine this is Purple.
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