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April 2000

My husband and I have been married for nearly fourteen years. We fell in love with each other due to this movie. We now have three children. "Somewhere in Time" takes me back to my idealistic young adulthood. Movies do have an impact on people's lives. This one is a great one.

Patti C.
Coppell, TX

March 1999

Many people can say how great "Somewhere in Time" was, as I do, but the sad thing is, this movie should have been advertised more from the begining, especially since the tragedy of Chris Reeves. There are millions of romatics in the world, and many have not seen this wonderful movie. Chris Reeves and Jane Seymour could not have been any greater nor could anyone have played their parts better. When we watch this movie, its puts us in another plane of sorts, almost the feeling of wanting to go to 1912 and feel the mood of that era.

Teri C.

May 1998

Just wanted to say I've just finished your review of "Somewhere In Time", and I heartily agree with the way you perceived it.

I can't believe the number of (otherwise) credible critics who've panned this wonderful film. Still another amazement is that no one seems to mention this film's absolutely gorgeous musical score, composed by the great John Barry (Dances With Wolves, Out Of Africa, etc.). And Rachmaninov's Paganini Variations didn't hurt a bit when Richard and Elise were out in the boat, enjoying each other -- this being their first day alone.

I feel like this beautiful music contributed mightily to "us" (the audience) falling in love with the ill-fated young lovers as they fell in love with each other.

Such a breath of fresh air, when media and the entertainment industry seem determined to bombard us with ugly, hateful and evil characters and scenarios from which to draw our entertainment, as well as being bad examples for young people looking for role models and lifestyle choices.

It's almost as if people are afraid to admit that they can be emotionally affected by a film such as this, or by its beautiful music; the scariest aspect (to me) is that people become so desensitized that they CAN'T be swept up by a film of this kind. This will always be one of my all-time favorite films. In my humble opinion, Jane Seymour has never looked as good before, or since, this film.

Thanks for listening.

Warren B.

December 1997

Hello, I was so happy to find this site. I have been a fan of the movie "Somewhere In Time" for years, since I saw it on HBO in the early '80s. And I adore it! It is romanctic and makes you feel as if you have a chance at such an awe-inspiring love. This Christmas I received my own home copy from my best friend. One thing about the movie: it inspired me, when I first saw it, to become a romance writer.

Nina of NC

June 1997

I fell in love with the movie, "Somewhere In Time", and had to own it. Since I have first seen it, I must have watched it over a hundred times, and each time, found something else that I hadn't seen before! It may not have been popular with the majority in 1980, but to romantics and dreamers like myself, it is a breath of fresh air and intellectual stimulation. The book by Richard Matheson, which I read several years ago, was just as intriguing as the movie for its subtle differences. My husband and I plan to go to the Grand Hotel for a vacation as soon as we can find our way there!

Aimee S.

November 1996

Thanks for the kind words about James Matheson's "Somewhere in Time" -- an all-time favorite of my wife's and mine. You may be interest to know that some 600 enthusiasts gathered last week at the Grand Hotel, Macinac Island Michigan (the movie's setting) for a "Somewhere in Time" weekend. About 2/3 were in 1912 garb (astoundingly nice coustumes I might add). Several people came from the UK, a family from Australia, and just about all the 50 states. The movie screened twice in 70 mm format to a packed house, in the Grand Hotel's theater. Cast members Bill Irwin (Arthur) and Shawn (young Arthur) appeared with Susan French (old Elise) and many others. Bill Matheson was also there. If you are as much of an enthusiast as we are (what the heck, got to be passionate about something, right!?), you should not miss next years! There is also a group called INSITE (International Network of Somewhere in Time Enthusiasts) you might like to check out. Anyhow, thanks for the nice review. My wife and I just spent the weekend with 598 other people, all of whom thought they were the only ones who adored this movie... Guess we were wrong, and we're glad of it!

Leo & Sharon W.

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